I guess I would have a hard time writing about my personal experiences with C-PTSD since you've done such a great job covering it here. No one understands how much this sucks. I also have a Borderline diagnosis and there is a lot of arguing in psychiatric circles about the overlap between the two conditions. I personally don't care since I know how I feel and how I came to be this way - but it took forever to get a clear diagnosis.

The one thing I tell people that absolutely floors them is that I do not know how to handle people being kind to me. It makes me uncomfortable so I have to explain it. And then people think I'm nuts. But it's true. I never forget a kindness though. It's rare.

Most of the time it seems people like us are a pain in the ass to those around us, especially if they don't understand what happened to us. I find myself apologizing for everything, all the time. When I tell people it's so I don't get hit, again, I get the "you must be nuts" reaction.

I get so tired being me, and I bet you do as well.

Well, one could say I’m a survivor. Former journalist at five daily newspapers and a stint as a radio talk show host. Not a conservative one either.