NOTE: I have written a full story addendum to this reply here: History is Rhyming; Doom Beckons.

So it is time to speak plainly.

Those who have a propensity to violence and the means to carry it out will always beat those who do not. The people you see in the photo in the article will, as Umair rightly put it, be the new concentration camp guards, American SS, local block wardens and so on of the New American Order. It is inevitable as world climate disaster.

In fact, America has been following the Weimar-to-Nazi playbook frighteningly closely now for several years. If you want to understand how it happens, read "They Thought They We Free" by Milton Meyer, et. al. Any serious study of how Weimar became Nazi Germany should show you the parallels and bring chills - disaffected population, skyrocketing inflation, a loss and search for national pride, paramilitary goons fighting it our in the streets, a radicalized political party and leadership which took a few elections to finally achieve total power. And so on.

And when it happens, do not expect any serious opposition. While the left is arguing about pronouns, these folks in the picture will be re-ordering their lives in ways they can't even conceive. The nice Unitarian congregation and the women marching in funny knit hats are NOT going to pick up rifles and become some kind of resistance movement. In fact, to preserve themselves and their families, many of them will, at a minimum, find accommodation with the New Order by humbly doing what they are told, or grab onto an opportunity for power and money by renouncing everything they've ever believed in to sing a new tune to the victors. Just like Germany.

There was a rush of people to join the Nazi Party after Hitler became Chancellor in January 1933: they were derisively called the "March violets" by long-time, hard-core Nazis who saw these new party members as rank opportunists. We will have our own "March violets" in America as well - count on it.

So what am I telling you? That's it's all over already? Yes, pretty much, just like Umair is telling you. History is a harsh mistress. And America is following all the historical patterns. Am I telling you not to resists, even with arms, when the time hits us? No, but I am warning you, you're going to be pretty lonely out there fighting for ideals that most Americans spent their lives barely giving lip service.

If because of your children, job or personal well-being you want to live through this period, even if you've been a previous critic of the coming New Order, all you need is to find a big Trump banner, hang it over your living room window next to the American flag, construct a poorly worded and misspelled sign blathering about "not treading on me," "come any take it," "refuse to the death vaccine" and "not ashamed to be white" or something like that and stake it to your front yard.

Hopefully, the vaunted short memories of most Americans will work in your favor and when they see these signs and flags, hopefully they won't burn your house down.

I'm really not kidding here.

Well, one could say I’m a survivor. Former journalist at five daily newspapers and a stint as a radio talk show host. Not a conservative one either.