Well finally.

Finally Umair has admitted to himself and all of us that we are, indeed, doomed. As I have written many, many times we are LOCKED IN to self-destruction by our own economic system and cultural habits, which Umair detailed. Capitalism is the perfect system for humans if, by that, you consider that humans behave like a virus and Capitalism is the means of infection. We take from the planet, monetize the product, and then plow all the waste back in the planet which we have treated like our bank and toilet for centuries.

Yes, the human race is about to get the grand bitch slap it so richly deserves and there's nothing anyone can do about it. Sorry to put it that way, but as Umair laid out - all of us have made the choices and contributed to our own demise. Our non-negotiable way of life is going to negotiate us out of existence and with extreme prejudice.

Humanity and the planet we exist on, is in hospice. We're not at the end but we can see it from here. Check the data and then look around with your own eyes. It's unmistakable. The only thing left to argue about is how long it will take.

So what we must do now is mentally prepare. We must take stock of our lives and what time we have left. We must live as we have never lived before. Every damn day is now a precious gift. For those who have children, the task at hand is far more difficult but necessary - be as honest as you can be with them but also make sure they have every bit of you that you can spare and every experience that can be afforded. Make peace with your fellow human beings and with whatever you conceive to be God. This is not an excuse to lay down and die crying. We can mitigate some of the effects of what will happen but the end, we will all be caught. We can make the best of what we have left or we can respond in anger, violence and destruction. It's our choice collectively. But personally, start to shut out the noise of commercial bullshit. Appreciate your fellow human beings as much as possible. For God's sakes, take in as much of nature as you can. Experience everything possible. Don't regret what you did with this time.

Well, one could say I’m a survivor. Former journalist at five daily newspapers and a stint as a radio talk show host. Not a conservative one either.